And then there were eight. Soon to be the final four of the 2011 NFL Playoffs. Fans in Atlanta, Chicago, New England, and Pittsburgh will be treated to exciting gridiron action today and tomorrow. The AFC game this afternoon has the Ravens in Pittsburgh. Tonight's NFC match-up brings the Packers to Atlanta.

Weekend NFL Playoff Schedule:

Sat 1/15:  AFC Divisional Game - Baltimore at Pittsburgh (2:30pm MST, on CBS)

Sat 1/15:  NFC Divisional Game - Green Bay at Atlanta (6:00pm MST, on FOX)

Sun 1/16:  NFC Divisional Game - Seattle at Chicago (11:00am MST, on FOX)

Sun 1/16:  AFC Divisional Game - New York Jets at New England (2:30pm MST, on CBS)

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