This is the perfect example why you should always lock your doors, whether it's your vehicle, home or in this case specifically, garage.

A video recently posted to the ViralHog YouTube channel, shows the consequences of not locking your doors. A wild bear in Breckenridge, Colorado, decided to help itself to a freezer chock full of meat.

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Along with the short, 1-minute video, ViralHog shared a caption that went into more detail of the somewhat hilarious misfortune of the homeowner.

I forgot to close my garage door. I keep a ring camera above the refrigerator in the garage, because I have three sons. Two of them are teenagers. I keep some spirits in the garage refrigerator, so I have the camera there to keep the kids honest. The bear was here for about an hour and a half. He completely emptied the contents of the refrigerator and freezer, Including over $600 worth of meat.

Having teenagers at home myself, I understand the need for having a camera attached to any food source, especially one also containing alcoholic beverages (although I actually trust my children a little more than this person).

One thing is for sure, losing any food in these hard times would be frustrating, but over $600 worth is an invaluable lesson that I'm sure this household will never forget. I just hope the parents watched the video footage before they blamed the kids for this. Imagine trying to apologize for that after the fact.

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