For Nine Inch Nails fans, this might be one of the coolest stories of all time.

Reflecting In the Chrome, a Nine Inch Nails fan site and “live recording archive,” has released a massive download that features audio recordings of the band’s live shows from throughout their career. We use the word “massive” for two reasons: The download includes more than 600 concerts, and it weighs around 530 GB!

“After thousands of hours working on this project in my spare time, the NIN Drive v2.0 torrent is finally available for download,” Reflecting In the Chrome’s Ryan J. explains on the site. “This is by far, the most extensive and detailed archive drive of any band out there and I am very proud to say that! With about 530 GB in total, and [around] 20,000 files, each show/source is properly tagged ... and includes artwork.”

This is the second release of the ‘NIN Drive,’ and Ryan “highly suggests” that you upgrade to v2.0.

Want to get your hands on this incredible musical archive? It’s actually quite easy -- as long as you have a drive that can hold half of a terabyte of files. Ready to download? Start here, and enjoy!

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