If you are thinking about getting snacks in Montana for a trip or a hike, this isn't a snack that locals would believe is the best.

Montanas love food, and we don't care who knows. We love a good meal, snack, or dessert at any moment of the day. Montana might seem like a run-of-the-mill American state where the food isn't anything special, but there are quite a few foods that Montana is unique to make or grow.

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With our high elevation or Western spirit, there are a few foods you can only find in Montana or specialty stores across the state. Foods like huckleberries or the pork chop sandwich will come to mind.

Photo by Maksim Shutov via Unsplash
Photo by Maksim Shutov via Unsplash

That's why when I came across a list of the Best Snack for Every State, I was surprised and bummed out.

Reader's Digest published a list of the Best Snack in Every State, and they chose a basic answer for Montana. The list was supposed to be a snack that personifies the state and something you would only find in that area.

The best snack for Montana is jerky.

Photo by Alex Bayev via Unsplash
Photo by Alex Bayev via Unsplash

According to Reader's Digest, jerky is the source of protein for many ranchers and outdoor adventure seekers. They point out that the seasoned strips of bison, elk, and deer jerky provide the energy boost you want to eat.

Here's the thing, we slightly agree with the choice, and wild game jerky is delicious when you can find it, but it's not the best snack for Montana. Jerky seems like a basic answer.

What would we choose as the best snack for Montana? We have a few options.

There are huckleberries. They are native to Montana and can only grow in high elevations. The real winner of the best snack in Montana would have to be Flathead Cherries. Locals and tourists go crazy during the summer to get their hands on a couple of bags of Flathead Cherries.

Best Flathead Cherries, LLC via Facebook
Best Flathead Cherries, LLC via Facebook

That would have been the correct answer.

For more details, check out Reader's Digest.

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