Prepare to designate at least 6 months out of the year in Montana as winter. Don't get me wrong, I know this is what we all signed up for and I love winters here but I'm still gonna say it. When we're looking at a Winter Weather Advisory in late April, I can't help it...I'm kinda over it!

I don't expect spring around here to magically do just that on March 21st, or even when turning the calender page to April. I'm just not that psyched to see this much snow still on April 19th. I'm ready to cut the lawn, crack a beer outside in a T-shirt, go hiking, golf, just see and feel some sun on this pasty skin. It's now time. I still love you though Bozeman, snow or shine.

I will say, it does sort of seem tradition to hunt for the Moose Easter Keg in snow. I'll reveal your next clue (possibly 2 clues today) during Moose Midday (10am - 2pm). Good luck!