Eddie Vedder had some strong words about Donald Trump last night (June 13) during Pearl Jam's performance at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Netherlands, saying, "I don't think he's crazy like a fox...I think he's like, crazy like a narcissistic motherfucker." Fan-filmed footage can be seen above of the frontman making the statement while introducing the band's latest single, "Can't Deny Me," which is widely considered to be about the President of the United States, though Vedder stressed, sarcastically, that the song has nothing to do with Trump.

"We got one for ya, and it has nothing to do with, let's say someone like Donald Trump," he says. "Absolutely has nothing to do with that... I wouldn't want to waste my breath. But it is interesting you know; how does it feel when you've got a world leader that insults all of your allies and, kind of, people with good intentions representing their people. But then he gets along famously with dictators and despots. I don't know what to make of that. That's just really disturbing. And I don't think he's crazy like a fox...I think he's like, crazy like a narcissistic motherfucker. Anyway, this song is not about him!"

Talking about the politically-charged "Can't Deny Me," which was released this spring, Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament said recently, "There's a lot to be inspired by and a lot to be pissed off about.” He also said not to expect a new album from the band until next year.

Pearl Jam are spending the next few weeks on tour in Europe before returning to the States in August for a set of gigs in baseball stadiums including Wrigley Field in Chicago, Ill. and Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. in addition to the Seattle dates, which are being dubbed "home" while the rest are labeled as "away" dates in a nod to baseball. The full run of tour dates can be found here.

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