Pearl Jam are now in the homestretch of recording their next album and guitarist Mike McCready has some hefty expectations for what's to come. He told Seattle's KIRO Radio that he foresees the still untitled disc as being "way better than 'Backspacer.''

The 2009 disc was widely viewed as a creative rebound for the band and was one of their better commercially selling discs of the last decade. While speaking on the 'Bob & Groz Show,' McCready revealed that the band has entered the mixing process on the disc and that they are still doing a few overdubs at this point, but that what's been done so far has met with his approval.

When questioned about a release date, McCready answered, "I've been told by the powers that be I can't say anything yet because we are just mixing it right now. [The powers that be] are basically the five of us and our manager, we sit down and talk about -- honestly, we don't have a date for it yet."

He went on to add, "[Just] know that it's going to be way better than 'Backspacer,' I think. It's just different. It's going to be great. I'm very happy about it and we're not done with it yet. I'm not sure when it's out, but it should be out someday [laughs]."

Though an official release date has not been announced, the band's members have targeted a late 2013 / early 2014 street date for the effort.

To hear McCready's full interview, which includes talk of performing the National Anthem for the Seattle Mariners, his UFO tribute band and more, check out the 'Bob & Groz Show' interview below.

Pearl Jam's Mike McCready on the 'Bob & Groz Show' (via KIRO Radio)

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