Bear and Montana have been a big topic of news lately. From the bears in Yellowstone getting a little too ornery with tourists. To the sad story of a cyclist getting killed near Ovando. Now, we have another bear story making the news. This one involving a bear and a weary traveler. Photos of a bear and sleeping person have surfaced online.

For those familiar with the Flathead Reservation, you have seen the different highway crossings for animals. The giant animal bridge nearby Grey Wolf Peak Casino, and the multiple animal crossing tunnels that are dug underneath the highway.

Out of all the places a person would want to take a nap, something tells me an animal crossing tunnel is NOT an ideal location.

According to MTN News

CSKT Wildlife Management Program shared photos on social media of a person taking a break from the heat under Highway 93 when a bear decided to wander by.

“The wildlife crossing structures under US 93 are not a safe place to rest...for humans!” a social media post notes.

No word on whether the person noticed the giant bruin, and just pretended to be asleep. Or maybe was just snoring away as the bear sauntered past. Either way, it makes for some interesting photos.

Now is a great opportunity to remind everyone to always be BEAR AWARE! Even if you are simply taking a mid day siesta. It is important to know the area you are in, the threat of bears in the area and carry bear spray when necessary.

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