Food trucks of all kinds are so popular across Montana that it's difficult to get one booked for a special event. We have so many really terrific chefs and restaurateurs who have branched out with their own mobile food truck, alongside small-scale entrepreneurs who make a mean dish worthy of an independent truck. Montana needs and WANTS more food trucks!

Montanans love to talk about their favorite meals, restaurants, and food trucks. Lately, there has been a huge amount of online chatter about what kinds of food trucks Montana NEEDS, or needs more of. Our favorite foods can't be everywhere at once, right?

We found an in-depth online conversation about what food trucks Montanans would like to have, or see more of. (BBQ, for instance, was a popular response because not every kind of BBQ is represented with our current food truck offerings.)

FOOD TRUCK PRO TIP: Billings Food Truck Tracker on Facebook - If you live in Billings or spend a lot of time there, it's worth checking out the Billings Food Truck Tracker on Facebook. Finding a great meal on the go is super easy in Billings, as the owners do a good job of keeping their locations up to date.


The question about Montana food trucks was posed like this on Facebook: "With some really good options out there, what does it seem might be missing? There’s lots of tacos, a few burgers, quesadillas, poke, etc. What else would people like to see?"

Pops Tots food truck in Billings, Montana
Pops Tots food truck - Facebook
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  • "More gyros trucks! Easy to eat and they're delicious."
  • "Some sort of seafood offering like lightly fried fillets or fresh seafood rolls?"
  • "Real Texas style BBQ. Hardly ever see that in Montana, which is weird."
  • "I'd like an old school 'plate lunch' truck with rotating offerings"
  • "A breakfast truck with all the flattop basics. There are no morning trucks."
  • "I have an amazing idea for a nacho food truck."
  • "We need more fish 'n chips type trucks across the state."
  • "My husband wants to open a Caribbean Cuisine Truck as he is from the Caribbean and "No one can cook it like they do"
Totally Whipped Soft Serve food truck
Totally Whipped Soft Serve - Facebook
  • "Chinese food! How are there not more Chinese food trucks around? Seems like preparation would be reasonably easy."
  • "Kebabs! Something clean and not processed."
  • "Rice bowls with various proteins."
  • "I have always wanted to do some down home old fashioned grandma recipes. Meatloaf, pork chops, tater tot casserole, etc."
  • "Waffle truck."
  • "Pie! Hand Pies!"
Rollin Ritos food truck in Billings, Montana
Rollin Riots food truck - Facebook


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