It ended with me telling another grown woman to 'Go to Hell'. Not a proud moment but here's what happened...

To be clear: I am a mask wearer, a proponent of social distancing and a follower of CDC guidelines. I've severely limited my personal engagement with others and I don't run errands that don't really need to be done.

So...this morning I walked into my neighborhood Quickie Mart which is usually empty when I visit because I never walk in at peak hours.

I wear a mask when I walk into ANY business because it's the right thing to do and as of now, it's still the law. This particular Quickie Mart even has an unusually large sign on both of their doors stating that masks must be worn inside the store at all times.

Getting into my car earlier, I had dropped my 'go-to' paisley mask on the ground. So I tossed that one on the floor of the car to be washed when I got home. No problem. I always have a clean spare in my bag.

That spare mask just happened to be a Formula 1 racing themed mask, making fun of the poor performance of Ferrari in the last several seasons.

Long story short: I walked in with my Ferrari mask on, grabbed my Diet Coke and mints then headed to the counter. There was a woman patron at the checkout NOT wearing a mask, and she glanced at me as I was in line behind her.

  • HER: (after doing a double take) What is that? Is that funny?
  • ME: (cocking my head to the side) What?
  • HER: That's not one bit funny. You must be some kind of asshole with that mask.
  • ME: (cocking my head the other way) Not sure what you mean. I'm rarely called an asshole, as least not to my face. By the way, nice mask you're not wearing.
  • HER: Making fun of our President isn't cool at all.
  • ME: What? Ooooooooh. Yeah...this isn't about the man who isn't President anymore. It's about Ferrari's Formula 1 team that isn't doing very well.
  • HER: (silence)
  • ME: OK. Sooooo, are you done with yer stuff there?
  • HER: (grabbing her bag of whatever) Not cool. It's that kind of crap that causes all these problems...
  • ME: Um, nope. But thanks for your non-masked input, you can mind your own business and go to Hell. And have a super rest of your day.

Not a proud moment for me, but quite frankly...WTH? I try to do my best everyday and treat others politely. After much thought on the exchange, not sure it could have gone any better. Lady, I'm sorry I spoke to you like that. In fact, I'm sorry I spoke to you at all. And wear a mask, please.

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