As part of their Winter Tour 2011, Railroad Earth stops in Bozeman on Thursday, March 24th. Railroad Earth with very special guest, Infamous Stringdusters make this a show not to be missed. Tickets for the 7:30 pm show at the Emerson on March 24th are $25 at Cactus Records and Borders, or get them online at

Railroad Earth likes to improvise (within the context of the song, so they don't like to refer to themselves as a jam band). They’re bluegrass influenced, but they use drums and amplifiers (somewhat taboo in the bluegrass world). The band members themselves have a heard time categorizing their music. Mandolin/vocalist John Skehan offers this semi-descriptive term: “I always describe it as a string band, but an amplified string band with drums.” Tim Carbone takes a swing: “We’re a Country & Eastern band! ” Todd Sheaffer offers “A souped-up string band? I don’t know. I’m not good at this.” This much I'll say about their music, they're really good.

The Infamous Stringdusters are at the forefront of a new movement in bluegrass music. Their unmatched virtuosity has enabled them to take acoustic music to a completely new level. Their strength lies in their original compositions.  Dedication to arrangements sets them apart and extended improvisation makes every performance completely unique.

Railroad Earth and the Stringdusters are sure to provide you with a unique, mind-expanding live performance. You don't want to miss this one, the $25 ticket price will be worth every penny!