Dog-sitting used to be one of my side gigs. I love dogs. But I don't have a dog for a poop.

Before reading any further, you're probably thinking "be thankful they're throwing it away at all." You're right. As gross as it is to talk about, dog owners who are negligent about picking up after their animals are prevalent around here. So I am thankful that they picked it up at all...I just want them to toss it in their own damn bin...not mine that had JUST BEEN EMPTIED that morning.

Not one, but two bags of dog poop now get to stink up my normally fecal-free trash bin for an entire week. Petty? I'm sure it sounds that way, but it's not petty to me. To me, it's just gross.

You know how some people absolutely can't stand onions? Or pickles? Well, how would they like it if I tossed a half-eaten onion and pickle sandwich into their freshly emptied garbage tote to marinate for a week until the next pickup day? It's the same thing in my brain.

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Bozeman is a dog down. My neighborhood is definitely a dog neighborhood. This brings me to two points: neighbors KNOW what day trash pick-up is and what time it happens. Theirs gets picked up the same day around the same time. Meaning, they would know they're tossing the s*** into an empty can to sit there for a week. (Especially unpleasant during the scorching days of summer.)

Second, they live in the neighborhood so why not just walk the block or two and toss it in YOUR OWN garbage bin to sit for a week? My brain thinks about these things and I get the feeling not many others do.

In closing, I'm fairly certain this might be the pettiest thing I've ever written about but I waited a few days to do it. If you can't rant to your friends, who can you rant to? Let's just keep our poop bags to ourselves, ok?

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