I finally got around to reading a loaned copy of "My Cross To Bear" by Gregg Allman. It's not a literary work of art but it IS worthy of your summertime spare time.

Michelle's summertime reading pick

This autobiography is nearly 400 pages of simply written, scattered thoughts by Gregg Allman. At a glance, it appears to be set up in chronological order but the guy jumps around a lot. What's great about the book is that Gregg Allman certainly has been around the rock 'n roll block a few times so rarely are you far from some dramatically tragic event involving a band member, friend, wife or drug dealer.

Massive addiction to drugs and alcohol, band break ups and make ups, six different wives and 4 children from 4 different women make for an interesting story.

Again, this is NOT a book written by a literary genius which I appreciated to a certain extent. Clearly, Gregg Allman wrote this in his own words with little editing by anyone.

Worth a read? Absolutely!

It's not rocket science but worth a read.