I generally don't rely on rock stars to teach me life lessons. Except that cocaine can burn holes in your nose and stuff. But Grace Potter may be the exception to that general rule and here is the life lesson: Real women don't just rock the five inch glitter covered heels DURING the show, they wear them to soundcheck too.

They don't HAVE to wear those wildly uncomfortable yet completely hot torture devices during soundcheck because they're technically not "on" yet. A woman could easily show up in slippers and yoga pants with her hair pulled back in a pony tail.

They don't HAVE to look and act like a million bucks at soundcheck because it's just a quick rehearsal. It's a check. Of sound. It's not a check of their outfit, makeup, social skills or attitude to others.

Yesterday afternoon, a couple of us from the radio station got to sit in on Grace Potter's soundcheck in Bozeman over at The Emerson. Needless to say, it was not just a check. Of sound. Yes, Grace and the band sounded great. Yes, it was cool to see them a little before everyone else. But that's not at all what impacted me yesterday afternoon.

Real women wear the five inch glitter covered heels to soundcheck.

They don't wait until show time to rock your face off. Real women amaze you with the respect they show their band mates while they're orchestrating a dozen people through a few obstacles. They bring it. All the time. Real women are at their best not JUST when they're in front of a thousand people. Real women bring their A-Game when there are only a few strangers hanging out in the back of the room.

So as much as I enjoyed the Grace Potter & the Nocturnals show last night at The Emerson, my point really has nothing to do with the show at all. It has to do with a choice Grace made earlier that day that I won't soon forget.

Don't wait for "the show". Real women wear the five inch glitter covered heels to soundcheck. -Michelle

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