Record Store Day, officially founded in 2007, is an internationally celebrated day observed on the third Saturday of April each year. It's when we come together to celebrate the art of music at an independently owned record store. There are currently over 700 of those in the U.S. Cactus Records, here in Bozeman, is one of them!

Cactus Records has signed the Record Store Day Pledge, which means they have agreed to act in the spirit of Record Store Day, and sell the commercial Record Store Day releases to their physical customers, on Record Store Day; not to gouge them, or hold product back to sell them online.

I love Cactus Records for remaining loyal to the mission. They are a real, live, local record store! (such a rarity to find on America's streets today). You can smell the vinyl and incense as soon as you open the door and sound the bell. There's always good music playing, and an excitement for it from the knowledgeable, passionate staff. Cactus signed the pledge, get in there on April 21st and check out what will be exclusively available to you on this grand celebration of music.

Record Store Day participating stores, like Cactus Records, will have exclusive Record Store Day releases, Record Store Day Limited Run/Regional Focus releases, and Record Store Day First releases. CLICK HERE for more info.

There is an RSD app available for most smart phones. It will give you the location of all RSD-registered stores, keep you up to date with all store events, news, promotions and contests, lets you follow along with RSD Twitter and Facebook feeds, and serves as a mobile product guide for the exclusive RSD releases.

On of the exclusive RSD releases I'm looking forward to is the Flaming Lips. As you may have heard, the Lips are planning a star-studded double album for Record Store Day, including contributions from an impressive guest list that includes Chris Martin of Coldplay, Nick Cave, Bon Iver, Yoko Ono, and Ke$ha. I'll see ya at Cactus on April 21st!