The debate about how much money radio stations need to fork over to play music has been raging for years. There are several categories of payments, but the debate now has focused on terrestrial radio paying MORE. - Michelle

Neil Portnow at The Grammys

During last night's GRAMMY broadcast, RECORDING ACADEMY President/CEO NEIL PORTNOW praised the support of Satellite and Internet radio -- and in doing so, took a not so subtle shot at Terrestrial Radio.

PORTNOW and "Glee" star MATTHEW MORRISON were updating the audience on the mission of the ACADEMY, when the discussion turned to thinly-veiled support for a Performance Fee.

Said PORTNOW, "Now, rest assured, in the future, THE ACADEMY will continue to fight for all music makers to be compensated for their work.

We will support the new broadcast services like satellite and Internet radio that actually pay creators for their work. And everyone can help give artists the ability to create the music you love by using any of the many easy and legal ways to enjoy music.

We will also continue to stand for the rights of free speech for artists to express themselves through their music."

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