I'll admit that as an adult I often exhibit pretty bad behavior. The kind of behavior that is reserved for college students and spoiled young adults. But this morning it paid off in the form of my favorite breakfast in Bozeman being delivered to the studios.

Eggs Benedict - Main Street Overeasy

Let's back up. I slept in. My friend, Erin Phillips, called my cell at 5:59am and I jumped up from a dead sleep. Yes, I brushed my teeth but what I wore to bed was what I was wearing to work...and I made it in time for my first break at 6:10am.

Shortly thereafter, Mark Allen (from AM 1450), came strolling into the MOOSE studio with a container which he bitterly put on my counter. "What's that?" I asked. "I don't know...breakfast for the princess, I suppose." He was less than impressed that there was only one container, I think,


Looking at the container I knew almost instantly where it was from and what was in it. Sure enough, the initials M.S.O.E. on the front confirmed my hunch. Main Street Overeasy in downtown Bozeman has concocted one of my favorite breakfasts on the planet....eggs benedict....just for me. (They've also been voted "Best Breakfast in Bozeman" for many years.

Moral of the story: sometimes you should just go ahead and reward bad behavior such as sleeping in. I didn't mean to. I felt bad about it. But now my day is off to an AWESOME start thanks to someone at Main Street Overeasy who wanted to make sure the rest of the day didn't suck.


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