Many of us just like to wander and find our own gems in a town but if you're the type who prefers "a sure thing", here are the places you'd spend your money in Bozeman if you followed the advice on Yelp!

Please note: every business listed below was garnered solely by our Yelp! searches. No other reviews, awards or personal favorites were taken into consideration.

You'd be missing a heck of a of a lot of great places if you stuck ONLY to the opinions of other 'travelers'!!!!!

According to Yelp!, WHERE WOULD YOU STAY? The good news is, you have lots of good options these days for accommodations around Bozeman. But here is where the Yelpers would guide you:

  1. The Lark (122 West Main Street, downtown Bozeman)
  2. The Element Bozeman
  3. Kimpton Armory Hotel
  4. SpringHill Suites
  5. RSVP Hotel

According to Yelp!, WHERE WOULD YOU EAT? This is a tough one because it obviously depends on what kind of food you like. Plus, we all know it's completely worth a little bit of driving to eat at some places that aren't actually in Bozeman. Sticking to our Yelpers, here's what we got:

  1. Revelry (24 North Tracy, downtown Bozeman)
  2. Blackbird Kitchen
  3. Montana Ale Works
  4. Urban Kitchen
  5. Open Range

According to Yelp! WHERE WOULD YOU DRINK? (bar category only) Another tricky category because you have bars, breweries, distilleries, etc....and they are NOT considered the same group, by a long shot.

  1. Bozeman Spirits Distillery (121 West Main, downtown Bozeman)
  2. The Crystal Bar
  3. Montana Ale Works
  4. The Molly Brown
  5. Bacchus Pub

If you know anything about know I'd tell you "go get a Pickle Barrel". It's an absolute must when in Bozeman. Always has been!

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