I'm a huge fan of well done documentaries on rock bands. Showtime and HBO are usually where I catch them first with everything from The Eagles to the Foo Fighters and today, Genesis. For some reason it's always been a bit taboo to like Genesis, but not for me.

Dig a little deeper than the Top 40 nonsense like "Invisible Touch" and you'll find one outstanding band and fine musicians in their own right.

Today as I was home sick on the couch, I stumbled upon "Genesis - Sum Of The Parts" on Showtime. The trailer doesn't do it justice but take a peek anyway. If you get the chance to DVR this one, do it. It's WELL worth a watch.

Without apology, here are a couple of my favorite Genesis and/or member pursuits!


...and my favorite version of "In The Air Tonight" (you've heard me play this very version on the air before).




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