Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale joined with six other Republicans on Friday in introducing a resolution to terminate the nationwide COVID 19 emergency which was declared under the National Emergencies Act.

“We're taking back control of the country and control of Congress back to Congress,” said Rosendale. “We're going to terminate the COVID-19 national emergency declaration that was put in place a year ago by President Trump and has just been extended out by the by the administration indefinitely. We're just going to bring it back before Congress and make them vote to rescind those special powers from the President.”

Rosendale and his fellow representatives want to shut off the spigot of federal spending and get the country back on sound fiscal footing.

“The biggest problem is that it gives them the ability to impose these mandates, whether we're talking about masks or limiting travel, trade and gatherings,” he said. “The other thing it does is that gives them a lot of latitude on directing spending. The power of the purse does belong in Congress, and we have to take that back.”

Rosendale said the resolution will help clarify which members of Congress want to keep the status quo.

“We're going to find out,” he said. “I mean, we have seen so far that the Democrats just believe that we have a bottomless pit and they can spend as much as they would like to. But when we start talking about these additional mandates and powers that it grants the President, some of the Democrats have got to be getting pressure from their home states and these powers will continue unless we vote to rescind them.”

Rosendale said the resolution will be presented soon, and then he said the country can judge which members of Congress want to move forward from the pandemic.

“This is a special resolution,” he said. “We will be able to get it up on the floor within the next 15 legislative days, so it'll be somewhere over the next two weeks because we're not going to be in session all of those days. We're going to bring it to a vote and make sure that we restore the power back to Congress. We’ll then know those who are willing to surrender the control of Congress to the President and those who think that Congress should maintain control. We're absolutely going to be able to have them on the record.”

Joining Rosendale are Representative Gosar (AZ-04) along with Representatives Thomas Massie (KY-4), Chip Roy (TX-21), Ralph Norman (SC-5), Brian Mast (FL-18) and Randy Weber (TX-14)

Representative Chip Roy from Texas wrote: ‘The National Emergencies Act was never intended to give the President endless and unlimited authority over Americans’ lives.  There are times and places for emergency declarations, but the COVID-19 pandemic at its peak was far from the COVID-19 pandemic we see in the United States today.  It is unacceptable for President Biden to continue to extend this emergency in order to increase his own power over the American people – crushing businesses, keeping kids from school, instituting mandates and continuing to fear monger.  It is time for Congress to step in to end this National Emergency.’


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