If it's Tuesday, it must be time for another MOOSE VIP Secret Code Cheat Sheet! If you miss a code one the air, this is a great way to catch up and get your points!

As always, this Cheat Sheet CANNOT be played "in advance". Meaning, you can only plug in today's codes, today. No working ahead.

Thanks for being a MOOSE VIP and by the way....things will be changing soon for MOOSE VIPs. We'll keep you posted but we're not quite ready to spill the beans yet. Stay tuned!

ONE MORE THING: Do you want to get your Def Leppard tickets EARLY? They go on sale to the general public, but if you're signed up to get our newsletter you'll get an email on Wednesday afternoon with a special code allowing you to buy tickets on THURSDAY!!!!

Secret Codes Feb 23
Secret Codes Feb 23



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