Montana is full of beautiful homes, but what does it take for a home to be considered a Montana dream home? Does this home pass the test?

A lakefront home tucked away along the shores of Flathead Lake has been put in the national spotlight. Location and state-of-the-art architecture are two of the reasons why the home has received so much attention.

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The spectacular home was recently featured in an article on In the article, homeowner Kathy Veazey reminisces on childhood memories created at her grandparent's home on Flathead Lake. When she saw a for sale sign on a nearby property in 2015, she decided that it was time to build a home and create memories of her own. To read the article, click here.

Veazey named the property "Serenity Point Lake House." The home was designed by JCM Architecture. Here is a description of the home from their website.

“Serenity Point”, affectionately named by the owner, is located on a hidden peninsula of rocky terrain jutting out into the lake. With secluded access by a small gravel road winding along the lakeshore of Flathead Lake in Western Montana, she knew at first sight, “This is it!'' She had found the retreat she sought, her quiet place of refuge to escape & recharge in solitude and occasionally entertain family and friends.

The home isn't very large, instead, it appears as if it grew out of the landscape. The 2,787 square foot 2-bedroom 2-bath home is nestled in a small saddle between two rock outcroppings.

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