Folks might think space in Bozeman is dwindling, but there are still several locations in the city that are in prime positions to be developed or repurposed. Despite Bozeman's rapid expansion, there may be ways we can optimize the space we already have.

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It's evident that businesses want to move to Bozeman to utilize the growing population. Whole Foods is set to open in the Gallatin Valley Mall area, and online outdoor company Backcountry recently opened its seventh brick-and-mortar location here. Additionally, with year-round tourism, we are seeing new hotels go up in the city. So who wouldn't want to join in on making money? 

Beyond businesses, we might consider that many open lots and buildings around Bozeman have the potential to become affordable housing and help ease the staffing shortage. The City of Bozeman has a few ideas for affordable housing locations, but some of the spots we found would be perfect to help out the hardworking folks who want to live in Bozeman but can barely afford it. 

The potential of these spaces is never-ending because each area is on a major street in Bozeman. With the right business, you've got a great chance of having a successful enterprise. 

We have our thoughts below on what should be added to these empty spaces or buildings, but we would love to hear what you'd like  to see added to Bozeman. 

Enjoy the Seven Empty Spaces and Buildings in the Bozeman Area. 

Seven Empty Buildings and Spaces in the Bozeman Area

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