Last week I jumped on the air an hour earlier than usual so that a very sick Michelle Wolfe could go home and take care of herself. So it was I who played the Flashback Pop Quiz (usually heard on the Moose each weekday at around 9:15 a.m.). The question was "what kind of horse did Bon Jovi ride in the song Wanted Dead or Alive"? (I know, what an easy question).

Everyone who called in knew it was a steel horse, of course, and one caller exclaimed "a steel horse, a motorcycle"! Now although motorcycles are commonly referred to a as steel horses, I remembered Jon Bon himself once saying in an interview that the song's reference was to the band's tour bus. I explained this on the air but immediately afterward I thought, was that an interview I saw or just something someone told me?

I can already picture Michelle Wolfe cringing as she reads this (you usually want to do your research before opening your big smart mouth on the air kids). So anyway, after some backwards researching, on a tour bus the band did fortunately ride! I stumbled upon a really cool website to find the answer.

I stayed on this site for quite some time and learned all sorts of interesting song facts. For example, "Little Bonnie" by the The Drive-By Truckers (a song that can be heard on the Moose) was written by lead singer/guitarist Patterson Hood and is about his cousin who died at the age of four, before Patterson was born. He expresses his family's emotions and portrays Bonnie's infinite presence still there within, decades after her death. will definitely be a useful tool in giving me more to talk about on the air but should be useful to any music lover. For now on, just show me the song facts!

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