'Skyfall' has become a monster hit, and is on track to be the most successful Bond film of all time (unadjusted, natch), as it's already crossed $100 Million domestically, is over half a billion worldwide, and shows no signs of stopping. Now the film's stunning opening credit sequence is available online.

We found this out via Badass Digest, and it's hard not to watch it on a loop.From the creatively segued imagery to Adelle's luscious vocals, this is definitely a high point in opening credit songs and opening title sequences, period. But we loved the movie, full stop.

The opening credit sequences have long been a James Bond high point even in the worst of films (of which there are many). The early films had their sequences done by Maurice Binder (who did 14 of the 23 opening credit sequences), and it's become one of the few places where experimental imagery/cinema takes over a blockbuster, if only for a couple minutes. One of the bonus features on the new DVD/Blu-ray set of Bond films is a collection of all the opening title sequences so far (excepting 'Skyfall'), and that should make for good background imagery for years to come. Here's that opening credit sequence:

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