Slash's humanitarian side is shining through again as the guitar great has used his celebrity to sway fans toward a new campaign aiming to combat the slaughter of sharks.

The guitarist recently filmed a spot for Shark Friendly Marinas in which he discusses the growing issue and urges fans to help out. He says in the video, "Recent data shows that over 100 million sharks are being killed a year. That's three sharks every second. That's unsustainable and it's not cool. We need sharks to have a healthy ocean. Please get involved by ending the harvest. Don't buy shark products, don't fish for sharks and if you happen to catch one, catch and release. Let it go."

Slash shares the screen with Shark Friendly Marinas' managing director Luke Tipple as they discuss the plight of the animals. They also urge people to find out more by visiting the Shark Friendly Marinas website. In addition, there's a donation page here where people can donate to the efforts to save the sharks.

The guitarist's love of animals is something that has remained a constant over the years. He's previously appeared in promo spots for the Los Angeles Zoo and he serves as a board member. He's been vital in the zoo's movement from a city-owned entity to trying to be privately owned and has taken an active role in the zoo's decisions.

Watch Slash's Promo for Shark Friendly Marinas