Do you have a problem with the iPhone 5? Apparently a lot of Apple users do. But thanks to last night's 'Saturday Night Live,' we've been gently reminded that most of us simply love complaining.

In this rather pointed sketch, Christina Applegate played the anchor of 'Tech Talk' — a talk show segment discussing "the iPhone 5 and it's plethora of glitches and design flaws." The topic allowed three iPhone 5 users/gadget geeks the chance to unleash some of the frustrations they'd been having with the new phone.

After hearing about the difficulties regarding the new Apple Maps app, the purplish hue in photos (but only when the camera's directed straight at the sun), or the product's excessive thinness and lightness, the guests of 'Tech Talk' were shocked and humbled to be confronted by three of the Chinese peasant laborers who'd built the iPhone 5.  The laborers defended their product, hilariously mocking Apple customer's overblown sense of entitlement.

The sketch was a deliberate, well-timed jab at the public — possibly the edgiest 'SNL' has been in years — reminding us how our grumbling must sound to those who prop up our streamlined, futuristic society. It seems what we really need is to realize how lucky we all are.

Maybe there's an app that'll help us with that? Ugh, probably not.

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