During a meal at his local Olive Garden, Adam Howell noticed a peculiar site. A man had used the casual dining chain's menus to build a fort.

And like many forts that have been constructed for non-military purposes this one was "no girls allowed."

"A grown a** man is mad at his girlfriend at Olive Garden & has made a menu fort," tweeted Howell, along with a picture of the creation.

Fort or no fort, the girlfriend in question didn't seem to be too keen on conversation either. But instead of literally walling herself off physically she signaled her displeasure by paying attention to her phone. (You see, men build forts and women text. Goodnight, folks! Tip your veal, try your waiters.)

That's also what the fellow was forced to do to once the waitress took their orders and tore down his carefully constructed barrier.

"Once she took the menus, phones were out for the rest of the meal," Howell reported.

Howell did concede that the two exchanged a few words toward the end of the meal.

If Mr. Fort Builder was willing to do what he did with a couple menus imagine the elaborate pillow partition that pops up when the couple gets into an argument while they're in bed.

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