If you're planning on attending the Spruce Moose Festival this weekend in Big Sky, here's a check list of some simple necessities. These may seem like common sense reminders but you probably don't want to forget any of the items on this list. Have fun, it's gonna be an epic Labor Day weekend!

Spruce Moose: Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of September, at the Big Sky Base Area, $40 for entire weekend, purchase at www.chamberlinproductions.com, Tarantino’s Pizzeria, or Cactus Records. Bands include The John Butler Trio, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, Pinky and The Floyd, The Clintons, Cure for the Common and more!

  • Sensible Shoes - Don't forget this festival is outside...on a mountain!
  • Liquids - I know beer might be an essential liquid for you this weekend but if you bring any up you will have to leave that in your room (don't bother bringing any beer if you are not staying overnight). No alcohol will be allowed past the gate! Water, however, will be allowed in. The reality is, water is your friend this weekend (especially if you're gonna enjoy some adult beverages)...Don't overlook the fact that we will be at a higher altitude, which will have an effect on you if you're not hydrated!!
  • Warm Clothes - The temperature will drop drastically when the sun goes down in Big Sky this time of year. Be prepared for it. Re-entry will be allowed so you can leave a warm change of clothes in your room or car.
  • Small Bills - This was a Michelle Wolfe suggestion and one that I always seem to forget. It's always a good idea to carry smaller bills at any kind of festival. Having a bunch of $5 bills will come in handy for parking and anything else you'll need inside.
  • Something for comfort - Make sure you bring something to lounge on..lawn chairs, blankets, cushions
  • Sunscreen for the day and bug spray for the night
  • Fun little festival accessories - Go out and get some silly accessories to have fun with. Glow sticks, a fun costume (or costume accessories like a dumb hat or mardi gras beads)...I don't know, let's get nuts!

I look forward to seeing you at Big Sky Resort this weekend! It's not too late to make plans, click here for all the Spruce Moose details

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