I absolutely thought these things were invented in Montana. There are some foods that have such mass appeal, you're safe to order them with just about anyone. America is home to so many delicious culinary inventions, it's hard to pick one that applies as a favorite to so many.

Aside from vegetarians, I don't know a single person who doesn't love this steak treat that was apparently invented in Boise, Idaho. (I've never heard this story until now but I'll forever respect the place for this coveted dish.)

This dish is actually considered a fast food item, and Love Food listed a single fast food item that was invented in every single state. While browsing the states, I was surprised to not only find STEAK FINGERS as a fast food item - but that they were invented in Idaho.

I was also unaware that steak fingers aren't really a thing outside of the rocky mountain northwest. "This irresistible delicacy is commonly found in restaurants and bars in Idaho and its neighboring states, and is relatively unknown outside of the inland Northwest."

But that doesn't mean that steak fingers (finger steaks?) don't have their place in states such as New Mexico or Texas. When we researched "Best Finger Steaks in America", most of the winners were NOT located in Idaho.

Depot Grill steak fingers - Facebook
Depot Grill steak fingers - Facebook


Chef Milo Bybee claims to have invented finger steaks while wondering what to do with leftover tenderloin scraps, first serving them at The Torch Lounge in Boise in 1957.



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"To create Idaho’s must-try dish, strips of sirloin steak are dipped in a tempura-like batter and deep-fried in oil until they're perfectly crisp and tender." Super simple, right? I guess that's why Love Food considers steak fingers a fast food. But not once have I ever had them from a a fast food place.

Dorecks Meat Market - Facebook
Dorecks Meat Market - Facebook

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