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Rami Malek Is Freddie Mercury in First Look at Queen Biopic
It was beginning to seem as though a Queen biopic would never come to pass. Sacha Baron Cohen (who, let’s be honest, would be perfect) was attached to the project at one time, but creative differences with the surviving band members ultimately forced him to drop out. But after years of will t…
The Day Freddie Mercury Died
Freddie Mercury was the face of Queen's wildly popular mixture of hard rock, pop, cabaret, glam and opera in the '70s, before becoming one the the AIDS virus' most well-known casualties in the '90s.
Could Daniel Radcliffe Save the Freddie Mercury Biopic?
Following Sacha Baron Cohen's departure from the lead role in the Freddie Mercury biopic, the film's writer Peter Morgan was unconvinced the project would ever happen, but perhaps it can survive after all with a bit of magic. According to a report, Daniel Radcliffe is the next in line for …

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