gallatin canyon

Great Bouldering Around Bozeman [WATCH]
We've seen this crew (we think) while driving down the canyon to Big Sky! There are lots of easy to find bouldering spots in the Bozeman area. Kristopher Zigich and his friends take us along for a quick tour.
'Groovin on the Gallatin' August 15 - 16
Don't miss Groovin' on the Gallatin, a 2-day music and arts festival, this Friday, August 15 and Saturday, August 16 at the Cinnamon Lodge in Gallatin Canyon. It's a weekend of great local and national music, with free on-site camping, games, food and local craft beers!
I Love Me Some Big Sky!
I'm looking forward to the Spruce Moose Festival this weekend for obvious reasons but I love driving up to Big Sky for anything for one main reason...just that, the drive up.