Good News: You Can Now Order Your Seeds
We reported last month at least two major online seed catalogs had paused all ordering due to overwhelming demand and cumbersome COVID-19 protocols. As of now, those issues seem to be resolved.
Dear Bozeman, Please Plant More Japanese Lilac Trees
If you're looking to add a tree to your landscaping, consider one of the prettiest trees that grow well in Bozeman - a Japanese Lilac tree. It's not the same as the all the lilacs you'll find around town...but it smells wonderful and it's a real "tree" tree.
Seeds are Sprouting Like Champs in Bozeman
No matter a regular spring habit or a quarantine hobby, planting seeds helps keep me sane every year. I even start things you're not really supposed to start indoors. Both flowers and veggies have a spot in my living room.
Get Your Garden Started Hosted By The Bozeman Public Library
Spring can't get here fast enough for me and I know I am already thinking about what I want to plant for my garden and planter boxes.  If you are doing the same, why not get some assistance and participate in the Get Your Garden Started event, it's free and at the Bozeman Public …

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