I'm shocked and embarrassed that I've never been to this really gorgeous piece of Montana. It's so close, incredibly beautiful, inexpensive to visit, and right up my alley. Perhaps 'tourist attraction' isn't the right term for this Jefferson City gem.

How I've never been to the Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum...I just don't know. It's now squarely on my radar as a destination as soon as possible. Jefferson City, Montana is just over an hour and a half from Bozeman - exactly 100 miles. Perfect for a day trip, or an overnight as they have a cabin on the property available for rent.

Now, if you're not into chilled-out huge garden areas and arboretums, you can stop reading now and move on. If flowers, trees, creeks, and trails aren't your bag, you're not going to enjoy the Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum. I'll be concerned for your well-being, but it's your choice to not enjoy pretty things and peaceful places. Weirdo.

Tizer Botanic Gardens - Facebook
Tizer Botanic Gardens - Facebook

Located near Jefferson City, Montana, in the heart of the Elkhorn Mountains, Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum offers visitors 6 acres of stunning gardens and arboretum to explore with more than one-half mile of trails, a diverse Garden Center, a beautiful wedding and special occasion venue, as well as various festivals and educational activities throughout the year. Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum is one of only three internationally accredited arboreta in the United States that is privately owned and Montana’s only full-time operated Botanical Garden and Arboretum.

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The Gardens & Arboretum are open from Mother's Day through October, unless Mother Nature dictates otherwise with a heavy, early winter for instance. They're open 10am to 5pm and it costs just $9 to get in. Apparently they host private events such as weddings so it's a good idea to purchase your admission online - if they're booked, you won't be able to buy a ticket.

Other than a few snack foods in their gift shop, Tizer doesn't sell food. HOWEVER, in a refreshing statement of cool, their site states: "Customers are encouraged to bring their picnic and spend the day. Many of our major events have outside vendors that sell food."

Tizer Botanic Gardens 4 - Facebook
Tizer Botanic Gardens 4 - Facebook
  • Address: 38 Tizer Lake Road, Jefferson City, MT 59638
    Directions: Travel 18 miles South of Helena on I-15 to Exit 176 at Jefferson City. Turn left to east side of Interstate and then right on to Hwy 282. The gardens are only 1.2 miles from the Interstate. (Follow the signs.)
  • Phone: 406-933-8789
Tizer Botanic Gardens 3 - Facebook
Tizer Botanic Gardens 3 - Facebook

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