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Man Impersonates 14 Different Singers [VIDEO]
A single singer impersonating various other voices is, like, all the rage on YouTube right now. We've had an off-Broadway talent channel everyone from Demi Lovato to Alanis Morrisette in one tune and a guy singing 'Let It Go' in the voices of various Disney-Pixar characters. Now enter YouTube star R…
John Mayer Tour Dates
With the release of his new album "Paradise Valley" debuting at #1 in the states, John Mayer has added more tour dates this year after a very successful summer run. Tour dates here:
John Mayer Talks Montana With Ellen
During John Mayer's latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he confirms the Katy Perry breakup rumors, talks about his love affair with scotch and life along the Yellowstone River. See the video here:
John Mayer Announces Dates For A Summer Tour
John Mayer has spent much of the last two years dealing with serious throat problems. After vocal surgery, a lot of vocal rest, and being faced with the possibility of never singing again, Mayer is ready to do just that and hit the road again. He's just announced a big summer tour. See the date…

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