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Did the Super Garage Sale Cause John Mayer to Move to Bozeman?
I would like to think that possibly John Mayer heard of our Super Garage Sale, Bozeman's biggest garage sale in Bozeman, and he thought, "Hey, that sounds like fun, let's move to Bozeman!" My friend Keesha ran into John downtown and got a photo out of him but sadly w…
Sunday Acoustic Brunch With Matt And Boo.
Sunday Acoustic Brunch- December 5th, 2010-
Thanks so much to Matt & Boo (Chelsea) for joining me in the studio this morning and bringing their favorites to play for you. It was a lot of fun and we’ll do it again, Im sure.
Moose Music News
Just a few items of Moose-worthy music news to report:
INXS Honoring the Late Michael Hutchence with Modern Talent
INXS is releasing a new album featuring rerecordings of some of their classic songs, sung by many Moose artists.