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‘SNL’ Taps Justin Bieber to Host and Perform
Well, we could have seen this one coming. In spite of pop sensation Justin Bieber's recent run of negative headlines stemming from his... let's say greener, less role model-friendly habits, it seems 'SNL' is doubling down on the Biebs. The long-running NBC sketch comedy series has officially tapped …
Michael Bublé Christmas Special + More [VIDEO]
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! What music do you have filling your hearts and halls? I absolutely love the Christmas music specials on TV with the back up singers and wonderful decorations. My new favorite is 'A Michael Bublé Christmas.'
Justin Bieber Gets Funny While Cone-ing
Have you heard of cone-ing? It involves a drive through window, an ice cream cone and a mess of ice cream all over your hands. It’s pretty funny actually but unlike planking, it needs a video to capture the moment. Check out this video of Justin Bieber driving around and cone-ing a c…
Today’s “Seriously Dude?” Moment Of The Day
That can't even be a real tattoo. What man in his right mind would garnish his body with a Justin Bieber picture? That's your daily reminder guy? The Monday Night Football crew has their "C'mon Man" segment, the Moose now has something similar.