What Women Are Really Thinking While Doing Yoga [VIDEO]
Us guys never know what you women are ever thinking while doing anything, but we do know you're ALWAYS thinking. I had a hunch most women don't attain the meditative, peaceful state yoga attempts to capture. Ladies who practice yoga, is there any truth to the internal monologue here?
How To Do Yoga With Your Cat [VIDEO]
My wife does a lot of yoga at home. That can be a challenge for her (and great entertainment for me) with two dogs and two cats. All four of our animals think mommy's yoga mat is a playtime gauntlet. She'll probably have to always shut the dogs away when doing yoga at home but maybe the cats just wa…
Love Yoga This Valentine’s Day In Bozeman
Save the Date! Autumn Benedetti and Community Yoga welcomes you to a special LOVE-a yoga workshop on Valentine's Day. Join them on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 and celebrate the union and connection that is yoga. Come solo or bring a friend (or a few!)
Zombies Brought Back to Life – by Yoga? [VIDEO]
Maybe zombies are just misunderstood. Maybe the stiff brain-eaters would be more relaxed with a little bit of exercise.
In a humorous new commercial for Canadian charity Yoga Outreach, a staggering horde of the undead are brought back to life after taking a yoga class. In fact, after a few downw…