Bozeman is a good place to stay fit without relying on a gym membership. I won't get into why, but a lot of us don't enjoy the traditional gym experience. If you're one of them, here are some great alternatives in Bozeman.

Russ Masse

Rock Climbing - We've got a pretty good landscape for that. Bozeman also has an excellent indoor climbing facility to get you started. Spire Climbing Center will show you the ropes (couldn't avoid that one). Check out their website,

Frisby - The summer league in Bozeman starts on June 4th. They play each Monday through July 23rd. Visit for more info.

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts training is a lot more intense than any Spinning or Pilates class you'll find in the gym. Montana MMA, right here in Bozeman, is a good academy. You don't have to actually train to compete. Take part in Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Striking, or Kettlebell classes to get your butt whipped into shape. Visit for more info.

Yoga - A much calmer, more meditative way to stay in shape. A friend of mine happens to be a really good instructor and is always teaching a class somewhere in this town. Check out her website to find her,

Roller Derby - This unique sport has arrived to Bozeman. The Gallatin Roller Girlz are gearing up for their first home bout on June 9th! They're always looking for more members. They welcome skaters of all abilities. Visit for more info.

Hiking and Mountain Biking - We live in the perfect area for both! CLICK HERE for a list of some great trails.

Stay classy and fit Bozeman!

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