Vulfpeck, an underground band out of L.A., found a way to make $20,000 from the music streaming service Spotify by doing absolutely nothing! They "recorded" a completely silent album called Sleepify and asked fans to stream it while they were sleeping. It wasn't exactly a scheme, the band's intention was to use the money to fund a FREE tour for fans.

It's pretty well known that musicians don't make a lot of money off of Spotify streams. Spotify pays artists roughly a HALF A PENNY per stream. Vulfpeck figured out that if fans had their album streaming while they slept the band could make around $4 per fan per night. This was all to offer their fans a free tour...but Spotify still ended up removing the album. No word on whether Vulfpeck still got the $20,000. Check out this hilarious video prompting fans to stream Sleepify:


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