Rant Sports listed the Best Athletes in Each State (based on their state of birth). Although this list is a couple years old now, most of these athletes are now retired and I think most would argue it's holding up rather well. Who immediately comes to mind when thinking about the best athlete from Montana? Find out who was selected here.

Rant Sports ranks the great Phil Jackson as the best athlete to come out of the state of Montana. Jackson is an NBA legend, probably best known for his coaching years that tallied the most NBA championships ever won by a coach (11), the highest winning percentage of any coach, and garnered him the nickname Zen Master. Phil, born in Deer Lodge, was also an NBA player. He was part of the only two NBA championship teams the New York Knicks had.

To see the full list, visit rantsports.com/clubhouse/2013/01/26/the-best-athlete-from-each-state/