When you first enter the door, the melding of different art mediums will catch your attention. From the retail racks to the paintings, The Foundry has a groove all its own. Tatum Johnson, founder of The Foundry and screen printer for intrigue ink, explains the place as “a flagship to meet and get advice.”

The Foundry offers a unique space in downtown Bozeman unlike any other. The idea behind the business is simple: a shared workspace where freelancers, small business owners, startups, and Bozemanites collaborate to foster creativity. The Foundry blends the office and the garage art studio into one. Tatum describes The Foundry as “a true collective.”

More than just being a space to work, The Foundry represents a community within the community. It encourages different perspectives of business and art to meet and work together under one roof. As Tatum puts it, “we are taking weaknesses and turning them into strengths.”

“We started out of our own selfish need to have a business space,” she said. However, from there, the collective has evolved into an area for the community to interact in many unique and creative ways. Yet, Tatum understands the need for a little clarity. She wants to “take the confusion out of it,” she said, “and invite Bozeman in to join us.”

What The Foundry really wants is you. Do you need a set for a photo shoot and a dark room? Maybe you are searching for a meeting space to hold a small conference. Or maybe you are looking for an art class. No matter what your artistic appetite, it’s on The Foundry’s menu.

To see more about classes, events, and spaces available at The Foundry, you can check them out at www.thefoundry-collective.com, or visit their downtown location at 16 S. Tracy.