According to Business Insider, the most affordable town in Montana is also (perhaps) the Montana town with the most parks per capita. (This town has one city park for approximately every 100 residents!)

Business Insider defined the 'Most Affordable' city in each state as the city with the highest percentage of homes that are affordable. (Price of home vs. average income).

What is the most affordable town in Montana? COLSTRIP!

  • Although nearly 20% of persons in Rosebud County are below the poverty line, Colstrip enjoys a fairly high relative per capita income at $29,094 and a median household income of $74,473.

According to Wikipedia:

Colstrip is a city in Rosebud County, Montana, United States. The population was 2,214 at the 2010 census. Established in 1924 and incorporated as a city in 1998, Colstrip is the largest city in Rosebud County with 24% of the total population.

Energy is a hot topic in the Colstrip area as shown by this video from Colstrip United:

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