It's been nearly a month since Seattle radio station 107.7 The End boasted that it was sitting on a promo copy of a new Strokes single titled 'All the Time' and would be playing it imminently. That didn't happen, and in the weeks since, the New York rockers announced a March release for a new album ('Comedown Machine') and leaked a new tune ('One Way Trigger'). But whatever came of 'All the Time?'

Well, now we have it, and you can listen to it in its entirety below.

Unfortunately 'All the Time,' billed as the first official single off 'Comedown Machine,' wasn't worth the wait. We don't really expect anything too groundbreaking or revelatory from the Strokes these days -- they established their gritty, melodic post-punk pastiche years ago, and they rarely deviate too much from it -- but it's always a treat when they do surprise us with something that recaptures the electrifying urgency of their glory days. 'All the Time' doesn't do that.

In fact, the tune does something that few songs Strokes do: It borrows heavily from their own songbook. If the hook in 'All time Time' sounds familiar, there's a reason; listen to the chorus of 'The End Has No End' off 'Room On Fire' and you'll hear why.

Still, it's pleasant and catchy enough that we won't give up hope that 'Comedown Machine' doesn't live up to its title. And most of the best Strokes songs after their stellar debut 'Is This It' took more than a few spins to reveal their awesomeness, so maybe this tune will just take some time to bloom.


Listen to the Strokes' 'All the Time'

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