This isn't directed at the young people raising money for their school trips or camp, but the people who decide WHAT they're going to sell. I DO NOT need a box of Krispy Kreme donuts sitting in my kitchen all weekend. Just ONE of those glazed cake things has 370 calories.

Donut Box

I beg of you, decision makers, we can do better.

Instead of me spending too much for 4,440 calories sitting on my counter, let me spend too much for something a tad more useful.

Mark my words, I'll probably still buy whatever items the kids are selling just to "do my part" and feel better about the situation. But I'd feel a heck of a lot better if we were supporting a good habit, not mindless eating and obesity. (Yeah, buzzkill. I know.)

1) Seeds, Young Plants, Bulbs, Gardening Supplies

Gardening stuff

Seeds are probably far more practical than young plants, but hear me out. Packets of seeds are light, easily transported, can have a high mark-up for a fundraiser and the buyer actually GETS something out of the deal other than fat.

Starting seeds is something that families can do together. Bulbs are available in both the Spring and Fall so might make for good fundraising items. Heck, I'd buy 'em.

2) Postcards and Stationery (designed by the kids?)


Hands down....I would spend TWICE as much money as I normally would if some kid was selling Montana themed postcards that they or their classmates had designed. In this day and age, THAT'S A PIECE OF CAKE.

I'm a huge fan of actually taking pen to paper and SENDING SOMETHING in the mail to a friend. Perhaps stationery is pushing it these days with people's time, but the postcard thing is a home run. Trust me.

3) A Good Old Fashioned Car Wash


Rarely do I see fundraiser car washes anymore. But when I do, I stop. My suggestion would be to divide and conquer.

Don't hold just ONE car wash...spread out around town. Make it a challenge between groups. Multiple locations promotes quickness, efficiency and high donations for QUALITY car washes. It's good exercise for the kids, gives drivers a moment to check their stupid phones and can even be a good time.