Have you heard of Oboz Footwear? If you haven't you have to check this out. There headquarters are right here in Bozeman and they have one of the coolest campaigns going on. For every pair of shoes they sell, they donate a tree. It is through a program called One More Tree, who is partnered with trees.org.


So they reached a huge milestone...they have sold over 4 MILLION pairs of shoes! Which means, they have planted over 4 million trees! Crazy right?? Oh it gets better. So Oboz wants to top that number, they want to show their support for mother nature. We all know how important trees are to us and our environment.

September 30th and going all the way through November 30th, Oboz is going to donate TWO trees for every pair of shoes sold. Check out their website HERE to help with the cause. You purchase a pair of shoes, and two trees get planted.

Trees for the Future supports the grassroots projects in five countries of East and West Africa. Through these programs they have formed Forest Garden Approach. This organization trains farmers to plant and manage. Forest Gardens has helped raise incomes in these countries by 400 percent, feed families, and end deforestation. Trees for the Future is an international development nonprofit.

If you want more information about about these programs you can click HERE. It is definitely worth taking a look at! Buy shoes, plant trees. Sounds good to me!

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