A website called Thrillist just put out a map of all 50 states represented by their most iconic beer. It focuses on the biggest beers founded or headquartered in the state. For example, Colorado is represented by Coors. What beer logo do you think donned Montana? Find out here:

Just keep in mind that this map (or list) focuses less on microbreweries who make the best tasting beer and more on the brands that are the most famous or iconic. Montana's pick was Big Sky Brewing Co. We hate to give anything to Missoula but this was probably the right choice, based on the name and distribution of this pretty good beer.

There are some states where, apparently, the favorite beer is "liquor". Jim Beam represents Kentucky, Jack Daniel's for Tennessee, Southern Comfort for Louisiana and Jagermeister for New Jersey. Here's the full map.


Do you think Montana was accurately represented?