I know it's not the most sensible time of year to dine out but don't forget, treating someone to dinner makes for a great gift idea!

Here are my 5 single favorite gifts found on local menus:

5.) Over the Tapas - Patatas Arrugadas

19 South Willson Ave

Bozeman, MT

Over the Tapas is a little bistro tucked right in downtown Bozeman that features delicious Spanish tapas. The Patatas Arrugadas are sea salted crusted red potatoes which are a must order every time. They always leave me wanting more!

4.) Desert Rose - Meatloaf

213 West Main St

Belgrade, MT

A new treasure that popped up in Belgrade recently. Desert Rose's M-O is they are "known to tantalize the taste buds" and they aren't lyin'. Their meatloaf is by far my favorite item on the menu, smothered in a delicious BBQ sauce and wrapped in bacon. Fahgetaboutit! I strongly suggest getting the mashed potatoes paring too. Keep in mind, Desert Rose also caters just about any event.

3.) Stacey's Old Faithful Bar and Steakhouse - Steak

300 Mill St

Gallatin Gateway, MT

Anyone who lives in the Gallatin Valley knows about Stacey's but I couldn't leave them off the list. Order any meat on the menu and you'll be one happy cowboy! I am very thankful that Stacey and Phyllis Crosby bought the Old Faithful Bar back in 1963.

2.) Damasco's Pizzeria and Spaghetteria Restaurant - Tiramisu

90 W Madison Ave

Belgrade, MT

One fine Italian restaurant in Belgrade with really good brick-oven pizza and delicious home-made pasta, but what keeps me coming back is their tiramisu. It really is to die for. All I can say is try it, even if you think there's no room for dessert. I never knew I loved tiramisu until I had Damasco's tiramisu.

1.) Willow Creek Cafe and Saloon - Ribs

21 N Main St

Willow Creek, MT

This Western cafe knows ribs! I've had a lot of different ribs in my day but nothing that compares to Willow Creek's. Take the drive to the Three Forks area and discover for yourself if you haven't already. The BBQ sauce is amazing! I don't know what goes into it or what kind of marination process takes place but these ribs are special.

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