The biggest and best garage sale-ing day in the Gallatin Valley is this Saturday, May 30! It's not too late to sign up for the Super Garage Sale. I'll be out and about looking for these items:

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    I'm always on the lookout for vinyl, but only the good stuff (no country)

    Photo by Maaike Boot/ThinkStock
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    Camping Tent

    I currently only have a four-person tent. My kids will probably want their own tent on camping adventures soon enough.

    Photo by Jupiterimages/ThinkStock
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    Kids Bike

    My 3-year-old is in hot pursuit!

    Photo by ELENAVAL/Getty Images
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    Baby Carrier

    I'm talking about a nice child carrier for hiking. They're so expensive new, but so common to see at a Montana garage sale!

    Photo by Johner Images/Getty Images
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    Funky Home Decor

    I like cool artwork, chairs, mirrors, frames, etc. in our home. Of course, my version of "cool" in this area doesn't usually coincide with the Mrs. (our current interior decorator), which is why it is last on my list.

    Photo by Feifei Cui-Paoluzzo/Getty Images