I am a huge football and baseball fan, I always realize just how much this time of year (when football ends and I'm waiting for a new season of baseball to begin). Where to turn to get my sports fix has been the question I have yet to answer. March Madness helps but basketball doesn't give me the same joy. 

My partner in crime, who has the same appeal to sports, called me up this morning with a solution to this very problem. He proposed Nascar. He was hesitant to propose this over the phone because he knew what my initial reaction would be, Hey-0 No! I know a lot of people who love Nascar and they've tried to explain the obsession (and that's what it is with Nascar fans) but to no avail. I just don't get it. I know coordination is involved but, in my opinion, operating machinery throws most athletic skills out the window. That right there throws the same enjoyment I get from viewing other sports out the window as well.

My buddy proposed picking a particular driver and endorsing him like we would a sports team. He recommended we do this based on a driver's sponsor, that way we could get behind a product too. He recommended backing the Jack Daniels driver for instance, to give us a reason to drink Jack Daniels. I said no man should have additional reason to drink that stuff and recommended finding out who the Bud driver is. I believe that would be Dale Earnhardt Jr. but I'm not even sure, which leads me to some kind of point for this post.

I have never given Nascar a fighting chance even though I know nothing about the "sport" (sorry for the quotes Nascar fans, I had to). I'm becoming much more open-minded about most things as I get older because I'm realizing that is the key to a better life (for you and everyone around you). Open your mind and heart to people, opinions, ideas and adventures before you knock anything.  I guess that's my little infinite pearl today. Just something that everyone should keep in mind, I say that knowing full-well it's still a work in progress for me. See, sports can get us thinking on a deeper level ladies (don't interrupt when we're bettering ourselves).

 So if there are any Nascar fans reading this, post a comment below and enlighten me. What do I need to know to truly get into this sport? Is step one figuring out the point system? Do you back one particular driver or the team of drivers?                                                     

-Disgruntled Sports Fan in February

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